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Screen ​survivor ​stories

Join us during Human Trafficking Prevention and ​Awareness Month to learn more.

Survivor-​Vette​d Films

This summer, Sabra Boyd, an independent ​journalist and advocate, polled hundreds of ​human trafficking survivors worldwide and ​developed a list of films that felt authentic and ​true-to-life.

Anti-trafficking organizations across the United ​States invite you to watch, learn, and share the ​lessons that human trafficking survivors want ​you to know throughout January.

For more information about this campaign, ​please reach out to Melinda Smith at ​melinda@fre​

Get involved

Watch a film

Curl up on the couch and pick one of ​the movies featured on the list of ​Survivor-Vetted Films. Have a ​conversation with one person about ​wh​at you learned.

H​ost a watch party

Gather your friends and family to ​watch one of the films and host a ​conversation using our discussion ​guides. Learning is always better ​toget​her!

S​hare what you learned

Organizations will be sharing more ​on social media throughout the ​month. Share their content or make ​some of your own. Don’t forget to ​tag us with #screensurvivorstories!​